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Tre colori - Film rosso (1994)  link to Tre colori - Film rosso on IMDb  link to trailer on IMDb

Numero: 399

poster Tre colori - Film rosso

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Noto come: Trois couleurs: Rouge (titolo originale)

Paese: Switzerland, 99 minuti

Lingua: Francese

Genere(i): Drammatico, Romantico, Mistero

Regista: Krzysztof Kieslowski

Part-time model Valentine meets a retired judge who lives in her neighborhood after she runs over his dog. At first the judge gifts Valentine with the dog, but her possessive boyfriend won't allow her to keep it. When she returns with the dog to the judge's house, she discovers him listening in on his neighbors' phone conversations. At first Valentine is outraged, but her debates with the judge over his behavior soon leads them to form a strange bond.


photo Irène Jacob Irène Jacob Valentine
photo Jean-Louis Trintignant Jean-Louis Trintignant Le juge Joseph Kern
photo Frédérique Feder Frédérique Feder Karin
photo Samuel Le Bihan Samuel Le Bihan Le photographe (Photographer)
photo Roland Carey Roland Carey Le trafiquant (Drug dealer)

Supporto: Sconosciuto,

In prestito: No

Rapporto: 1.85:1