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Numero: 329

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Paese: Japan,

Lingua: Inglese

Genere(i): Avventura, Fantasy, Animazione, Famiglia


Sinbad the sailor and his servant Habib find themselves aboard Captain Asis' ship when they're attacked by a great sea monster. Sinbad and his servant are stranded in the middle of the sea but are brought by the currents to a strange island, which they soon discover to be the island of Salabat, ruled by King Jamaal. The king, enthralled by Sinbad's tales of his extraordinary adventures, asks the sailor to marry his daughter Nafia and Sinbad, unwillingly, accepts. Soon, Sinbad regrets having made that promise to the king and together with Habib plans an escape aboard Captain Asis' ship. The escape is successful, but Sinbad and Habib are soon tracked down by King Jamaal and his soldiers and taken to a deserted island as punishment for their betrayal. In the island, Sinbad and his servant must survive the presence of the most dangerous creatures, gigantic snakes and the magnificent Roc bird. Making a fortune along the way, the two men must be brave in order to survive the island and the ...


photo Gregg Berger (voce) Gregg Berger (voce) Captain Chung / Cyclops (uncredited)
photo Corey Burton (voce) Corey Burton (voce) Prince 1 / Captain of the Guards (uncredited)
photo Cam Clarke (voce) Cam Clarke (voce) Sinbad (uncredited)
photo Rick Jones (voce) Rick Jones (voce) (uncredited)

Supporto: Sconosciuto,

In prestito: No

Rapporto: 4:3