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Noto come: Tonari no Totoro (titolo originale)

Paese: Japan, 86 minuti

Lingua: Giapponese

Genere(i): Fantasy, Animazione, Famiglia

Regista: Hayao Miyazaki

Two sisters move to the country with their father in order to be closer to their hospitalized mother, and discover the surrounding trees are inhabited by Totoros, magical spirits of the forest. When the youngest runs away from home, the older sister seeks help from the spirits to find her.


photo Sumi Shimamoto (voce) Sumi Shimamoto (voce) Yasuko Kusakabe
photo Shigeru Chiba (voce) Shigeru Chiba (voce) Kusakari-Otoko
photo Naoki Tatsuta (voce) Naoki Tatsuta (voce) Cat Bus / Additional Voices
photo Akiko Hiramatsu (voce) Akiko Hiramatsu (voce) Additional Voices
photo Ikue Ôtani (voce) Ikue Ôtani (voce) Additional Voices

Supporto: Sconosciuto,

In prestito: No

Rapporto: 1.66:1