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Il pianeta proibito (1956)  link to Il pianeta proibito on IMDb  link to trailer on IMDb

Numero: 22

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Noto come: Forbidden Planet (titolo originale)

Paese: USA, 98 minuti

Lingua: Inglese

Genere(i): Azione, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Avventura

Regista: Fred M. Wilcox

A rescue team from earth lands their flying saucer-like spacecraft on an alien world, to discover they are not only not welcomed by the lone survivor of a missing scientific expedition sent there two decades earlier, but, once they have determined to investigate the deaths of his colleagues and bring him back home by force, along with his planet-born daughter, find themselves subjected to assault by something invisible which seems intent on preventing them from leaving the planet, ever.


photo Walter Pidgeon Walter Pidgeon Dr. Morbius
photo Anne Francis Anne Francis Altaira Morbius
photo Leslie Nielsen Leslie Nielsen Commander Adams
photo Warren Stevens Warren Stevens Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow
photo Jack Kelly Jack Kelly Lt. Farman

Supporto: Sconosciuto,

In prestito: No

Rapporto: 2.55:1