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La regina del sole (2007)  link to La regina del sole on IMDb  

Numero: 147

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Noto come: La reine soleil (titolo originale)

Paese: Belgium, 90 minuti

Lingua: Francese

Genere(i): Animazione

Regista: Philippe Leclerc

In Ancient Egypt, during the monotheistic regime of Akhenaten, Akhesa is a beautiful princess, 14 years of age. An impetuous young girl, Akhesa rebels against her father's dictats. She refuses to live confined in the royal palace and wants to discover why her mother, Queen Nefertiti, has been exiled on the island of Elephantine. Assisted by her half-brother prince Tutankhaten, or "Tut", Akhesa flees the court in hopes of finding her mother. In defiance of danger the two teenagers travel down the Nile to the burning-hot desert dunes, courageously facing the mercenary Zannanza and priests of Amun Ra, who are conspiring to overthrow the pharaoh because of his rejection of their god. With innocence their only weapon, Akhesa and Tut overcome many hardships, and encounter an extraordinary destiny.


photo Philippe Allard (voce) Philippe Allard (voce) Gulmekiz / Zannanza
photo Catherine Conet (voce) Catherine Conet (voce) Nefertiti
photo Alexandra Corréa (voce) Alexandra Corréa (voce) Meritaton
photo Jean-Marc Delhausse (voce) Jean-Marc Delhausse (voce) Mahou
photo Patrick Donnay (voce) Patrick Donnay (voce) Seneb

Supporto: Sconosciuto,

In prestito: No

Rapporto: Unknown